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Klein Tools Tech Bags

 Klein Tools introduced new tech bags to the popular Trademan Pro Organizers line. These products are designed to hold laptops and other technical devices such as meters or smartphones. The Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack and Tradesman Pro Tech Bag are designed for professionals that need to carry a laptop or tablet to the jobsite. Both bags have a separate compartment to keep laptops protected from other tools. There is also storage for adapters and cables as well as an organizer pocket for pens, phones, cables, and more. The Tech Backpack has 25 pockets, including a hard, molded front pocket for safety glasses. It has a bright orange interior and a tough, durable molded bottom to protect from the elements. The Tech Bag has 22 pockets, including a zipper pocket for files and paperwork. It also has a bright orange interior, and protective guards and water resistant material on the bottom of the bag. “Many technicians have to carry two bags to the jobsite, one for their tools and one for their laptops,” said Product Manager Linda Rolfe. “With these new Tradesman Pro Tech Bags, you can put your laptop and tools all in one bag.” Also new to the Tradesman Pro line are Smartphone Holders. They are available in two sizes: A small size designed to fit the iPhone 4 and 5 (or similar sized phones), and a large size designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S® 3 and 4 (or similar sized phones). Each has a magnetic flap closure and a metal belt clip. In addition, Klein Tools has … READ MORE

Steel Shelving

At Nationwide Industrial Supply, our Steel Shelving systems are designed for storage of small parts that might normally fall through standard wire shelves. A dual layer construction with double hemmed perimeter ensures maximum strength and durability for heavier equipment. Nationwide Industrial Supply offers a range of steel shelving units as part of their storage solutions. Shelving offers an alternative to conventional storage in bins, and there are many reasons that make shelving a more appealing storage option. Should you require shelving for your business or in the home, Nationwide Industrial Supply offers a range of shelving solutions to solve your problems. At Nationwide Industrial Supply, Steel Shelving systems have been specially designed to store small parts that would normally fall through the spaces of standard wire shelves. These shelves feature dual layer construction and have a double hemmed perimeter. This ensures that the shelving system has maximum strength and … READ MORE

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents with Floor Mats

Floor mats are one of the most effective ways to prevent slip and fall accidents. However, if improperly selected or installed, the floor mat may actually contribute to a slip and fall accident. Crown Matting Technologies, one of the oldest and largest matting manufacturers in the U.S., suggests the following ways to prevent this from happening: Placement: Entry mats should be placed directly in front of building entries. If two or more mats are installed together, it is best that they touch each other; there should be no gaps, which could cause a trip or fall. Smooth transitions: Be sure the mat makes a smooth transition to the floor. To do this, select mats that are tapered. Rental mats: Very often rental mats are very thin mats. Thin mats typically are also very light, which means they may move around with foot traffic. Select a more stable, heavier mat. Typically, these mats are purchased. Length: The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests that mats be at least six to 15 … READ MORE

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Proactive Maintenance Practice: Insulation

The mindset of “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” is a thing of the past. It is a mentality that even the best of us have been guilty of from time to time. While it may sound like a good idea, it can be damaging to a company in the long run. Staying the course down a single path can lead to a business owner getting blindsided by future problems. Just because something is working at the moment, doesn’t mean that future problems won’t arise. The new trend is to start protecting your investments and … READ MORE

Learn about Box Dumpers

Box Dumpers dump the contents of your bulk containers in less than a minute. Designed for controlled dumping of material from boxes, crates and other types of containers, this equipment can help your facility increase employee productivity and decrease the risk of injury due to bending and lifting. Constructed of all-welded steel, the dumper forms a dust-tight seal between the container and the discharge hood, tips the container and discharges bulk material through a chute at controlled … READ MORE

Productivity Tips for Conveyors

Below are some common productivity tips that will help you get the most out of your conveyor. General Keep the conveyor clean and dry. Report all wear or damage immediately and discontinue use. Regular servicing by an appropriately trained technician will extend the life of your equipment. Always use original spare parts and components to ensure safe and correct operation. Flexible Gravity Conveyors Keep the conveyor clean of debris and do not store conveyors outdoors. … READ MORE

employee safety: Batteries, racks and chargers

Always secure a battery prior to moving or exchanging it. This normally is accomplished using manual stops and/or powered rollers on the battery changer to prevent the battery from falling off the changer. Batteries also need to be properly maintained. This means they should be clean, properly charged and allowed to cool after charging. Batteries must also include cables in good repair and contain the correct fluid levels. Remember: Only pour acid into water. NEVER pour water into … READ MORE

Employee Safety: Eye Wash and Shower

An eye wash/shower system is vital in case any employee comes in contact with battery acid. The system should easily accessible and be as close as possible to the work area without causing any adverse exposure. OSHA states in 1910.151(c): “Where the eyes or body of any person may be exposed to injurious corrosive materials, suitable facilities for quick drenching or flushing of the eyes and body shall be provided within the work area for immediate emergency use.” A best practice is to have … READ MORE